Your commercial roof will require some form of maintenance at some point. Regrettably, these are simple to overlook. And if you don’t catch them early on, you could face major and costly consequences. Early detection of minor repairs can extend the life of your roof and save you a lot of money.

In this post, you’ll go through these common business roof problems and how to fix them with the best roofing company. 


A couple of blistered shingles aren’t a cause for alarm. It’s not always worth repairing blistered shingles because they don’t damage. Moreover, significant blistering, on the other hand, should be addressed. If you neglect it, it can lead to major issues.


Single-ply roofs may be at hazard for billowing or blowing off entirely if they aren’t adequately fastened. You may seek commercial roofing services in Southern Mississippi, to resolve this. 

Flashing That Has Been Installed Incorrectly

The flashing is the component of your roof that seals any openings such as vents, skylights, chimneys, pipes, and HVAC systems. If your flashing isn’t properly fastened, it might cause seams to open and tiles to blow off.

Installation Errors

A roof that hasn’t been put properly might lead to many issues. It also affects the roof’s life expectancy.

Use an expert roofing contractor whenever you need to work on your roof. You may always hire an expert to inspect your roof if you’re afraid it wasn’t put properly.

Maintenance Deficiency

Many typical roof problems begin as minor repairs. It could be as simple as overlooking clean-out clogged gutters or trimming overhanging bushes.

However, if even little issues are not addressed, they might lead to major consequences.

Performing routine roof inspections allows you to detect problems while they are still minor. This entails you can extend the life of your roof while also saving money by avoiding costly repairs.

Repairs That Have Been Done Incorrectly

Roof repairs may necessitate specific techniques and materials in some circumstances. If not used by your contractor, these items might cause irreversible harm to your roof.

Always check with your contractor to see if they are certified to work on the type of roof your building has.

Roof Leaks or Water Damage

One of the most common business roof problems is leaks. Your building is at risk of molding if any water or moisture enters the roof. It’s not simply raining that you need to be concerned about.

Hail, ice, snow, wind, and other debris are how moisture can penetrate your roof’s layers.

Moreover, water stains on the walls and ceilings, mold, musty aromas, dripping water, or puddles inside your structure are signs of a roof leak.

Ponding Water 

On your roof, water should never accumulate. Something isn’t working properly if you have ponding water on your roof. This could indicate clogged gutters, debris buildup, or incorrect HVAC unit drainage.


Roof punctures can be due to various factors, including wind and hail. Always inspect the flashing and sealant around roof penetrations (such as vents, pipes, and chimneys), especially if they were added after the roof was constructed.


Underneath the shingles lies the roof membrane. When this begins to shrink, the upper layers break or craze. Shrinkage is also seen as the flashing pulls away from the wall.


Focusing on prevention is the best method to deal with frequent commercial roof problems. It’s always best to discover a problem early on when it hasn’t had a chance to cause serious damage. Ensure that your roof is examined frequently by the best roofing services.  

3B Construction & Roofing is one of Mississippi’s top building and roofing companies, providing a comprehensive range of residential and commercial roofing services in Summit, MS and surrounding communities. Contact us for more details. 

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